As a novice shooter with no experience, I had the fortune of receiving guidance from a fellow gun owner when I needed it most. He approached me while I struggled with handling a gun that was beyond my skill level. His patience, knowledge, and willingness to help a stranger made a lasting impression on me. That experience led me to become dedicated to learning and training with firearms on a consistent basis. The seventeen years of learning and growth that followed that day placed me on a path that led to the establishment of Tutor For Shooters training and consultation.


As a husband, father, and Army veteran I use the knowledge and experience I gained to help others build a solid foundation of shooting based on safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship. My training is suitable and value added for experts and beginners alike. The purpose of Tutor For Shooters is to provide skill-based training to practical and tactical shooters. My courses explore the benefits of pistols, rifles, and shotguns for defensive shooting combined with mental and physical conditioning drills for responding to deadly threats in high-stress situations.


Richmond, TX, USA

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