Things You Need: 200 rds of ammunition, holster, hiking boots or athletic shoes, head/neck cover, etc.), lots of water. Range Fee: $20 Gun Rentals (optional): $25/per gun This course is designed for all shooting levels.


The purpose of this course is to provide training specific to everyday concealed carry in an urban environment. It will explore creating cover to engage a threat, cover vs. concealment, and situational awareness while engaging in public activities. Other lessons include clearing your holster, distance to threat and rapid response. This course teaches students how to consider, prepare, and train for concealed carry in urban areas. All courses are non-refundable!!!

Elements of training:

  • Mindset/Safety
  • Situational awareness
  • Distance to threat (Tueller concept)
  • Holster work
  • EDC loadout
  • Cover/concealment




Richmond, TX, USA

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