Course requirements: 100 rds birdshot, 50 rds #00 Buckshot, 50 rds Slug, $20 range fee. Hiking boots or athletic shoes, head/neck cover, snacks/water. Gun Rentals: Not Available


This course teaches practical and complex applications for self-defense. It helps the shooter build confidence using the shotgun as a defensive or offensive platform. An emphasis will be placed on loading and reloading while shooting. Shooters will move beyond the "rack the slide intimidation mentality" into a capable and confident user of one of the most violent weapon systems every made. Shooters can bring a pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun. Shotgun must be 12 gauge and have a side receiver ejection port. All courses are non-refundable!!!

Elements of training:

  • Mindset/Safety
  • Workspace
  • Economy of motion
  • Rapid reloading
  • Sidesaddle loading
  • No shoot scenarios/Striking


Dates available


Richmond, TX, USA

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