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Complacency Kills

One of the many lessons on preparation my Drill Sergeant taught me was that complacency is the silent killer. When soldiers got too relaxed during basic training we were quickly given a motivating reminder to remain aware and disciplined. This mindset has served me well in uniform and as a civilian. Now, as a firearm instructor I continuously strive to overcome the complacent mindset some of my students have about gun safety and training. Often times people look at self-defense as an option instead of a necessity. It is one of those things they do not need as much as a trip to some exciting destination. However, self-defense training is an essential skill to have in these United States. Over the last seven days, two mass shootings and a stabbing was reported. This serves as cause to train to improve or maintain your skill level depending on your proficiency.

I often come across potential clients claiming they want to train but never make time to do so. They always have a reason for not attending a course before asking for the next class date. My answer is always the same. "Tell me what day works for you and pay for a class." Oddly enough, they never seem to take me up on my offer. Firearms training is a perishable skill. It requires routine maintenance for sustaining and improvement. We lose 20% of what we learn over a seven day period so if you only train once a month you are not holding on to much at all. You cannot afford to wait until a life or death incident occurs to get training. We do not wait for a traffic accident to occur before putting on our seat belt right? Start now with dry fire practices at home and find a suitable instructor nearby. Your life matters so protect it by being the protection you need when it counts.


Richmond, TX, USA

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